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Panasonic 2011: New Viera TV lineup

Original press release 

Panasonic to Launch New Selection of VIERA Flat-Panel TV Highlights in 2011

Industry leader gets ready to kick off the new year with 14 3D and 14 LED LCD models including award winning NeoPlasma 3D TVs and 3D LED LCD TVs


London, UK (February 15, 2011) – Panasonic has announced that it will be launching its expanded range of VIERA series plasma and LCD TVs for 2011 at the Panasonic Convention 2011. The new models again demonstrate the company’s commitment to providing consumers with the highest quality entertainment options with respect to both Plasma and LCD/LED. In addition, the new models combine eco sensibility with superior product performance and enhanced networking functionality in a slim profile and extremely attractive design.

According to Panasonic, choosing the right technology to purchase depends on a number of factors, including viewing environment and viewing choices. One thing is for sure, however, television enthusiasts have never been able to choose from such a wide selection of Full HD 3D TVs, whether Plasma or LCD/LED, from the industry leader.


The Evolution of VIERA

VIERA continues to get even better thanks to the new NeoPlasma technology and Panasonic’s IPS Alpha LCD TVs. The extensive line-up assures that there is a VIERA model with the right combination of performance and features to satisfy everybody’s needs. VIERA TVs do more than just deliver beautiful images. They incorporate features and functions that expand entertainment, enrich lifestyles, and give people creative new ways to enjoy TV. In image quality, networking features, eco-friendly operation and design, Panasonic’s new VIERA models for 2011 set the industry standard for total TV performance.

In 2011, Panasonic will be expanding its range of 3D and LED LCD televisions to include 14 different 3D and 14 LED LCD models for discerning consumers to select from. These new models include Panasonic’s VT30, GT30, and ST30 NeoPlasma 3D TVs, but also the new DT35 and DT30 series 3D LED LCD TVs.


The New NeoPlasma 3D Models

Panasonic’s NeoPlasma models feature 600Hz sub-field drive Intelligent Frame Creation Pro for excellent motion, excellent contrast ratios with Infinite Black Pro (VT30, GT30, ST30) and Infinite Black (G30) in combination with High Contrast Filter Pro (VT30) and High Contrast Filter (GT30, ST30, G30). They are especially suited for 3D thanks to 600Hz, fast response time (0.001ms) and newly developed fast switching phosphor that reduces crosstalk. Furthermore, Active Shutter technology delivers the best possible picture quality, thanks to Full HD resolution and clear separation of the two images (one for each eye).

The top-of-the-line VIERA VT30 series consists of four models, the 65-inch TX-P65VT30, the 55-inch TX-P55VT30, the 50-inch TX-P50VT30, and the 42-inch TX-P42VT30. All four VT30 models come in the new High Line Design and feature a one sheet glass design that gives the TVs a beautiful sleek new design. Having passed more than 30 rigorous tests, the VT30 series received the THX 2D and 3D Display certification and delivers movies in an excellent picture quality – just as the film director had intended. In addition to offering 3D viewing, the VT30 series comes with the internet service VIERA Connect; Skype video calling; Wi-Fi ready (one USB wireless LAN adaptor is included with VT30 series); VIERA Image Viewer™ for viewing 2D and 3D digital still images and both 2D & 3D HD video recorded on an SD Memory Card; USB HDD Recording as well as SD Card Recording. Two pairs of Full HD 3D eyewear are included with the VT30 series.

The VIERA GT30 3D series features three models, the 50-inch TX-P50GT30; the 46-inch TX-P46GT30 and the 42-inch TX-P42GT30. The series stands out through its slim and distinctive Highline design, features an Infinite Black Pro Panel; THX certification for 2D and 3D Display; VIERA Connect, Wi-Fi ready (through USB port); Skype Video calling; VIERA Image Viewer™; DLNA certification; 4 HDMI connections and 3 USB ports.

The VIERA ST30 series, on the other hand, adds three screen sizes from 42-inches to 50-inches to the Panasonic family of Full HD 3D TVs. This series includes the 50-inch TX-P50ST30; the 46-inch TX-P46ST30 and the 42-inch TX-P42ST30. The new ST30 Full HD 3D HDTVs present a feature package that includes the Infinite Black Pro Panel; VIERA Connect, Wi-Fi Ready (through USB port); Skype Video calling; VIERA Image Viewer™; 3 HDMI connections and 2 USB ports.


The New LED LCD 3D Models with IPS Alpha Panel Technology

Panasonic will soon be launching 3D LED LCD TVs that feature its new IPS Alpha panels. IPS Alpha panels are recognized throughout the world for the industry’s top-level response time and energy efficiency. In developing these innovative new panels, Panasonic relied on its unique ultra fast and highly transmissive IPS Alpha technology and thus took advantage of their wide viewing angles and high light transmission rates.

To maximize the advantages of IPS Alpha panels, Panasonic has made major changes to the whole process of panel production, from the structure to the key materials used. Thanks to newly developed Advanced Pre-Charged Driving technology that achieves the fastest scanning rate in the industry of 2 ms, display speed that is twice that of previous models has now been achieved. Panasonic has developed LCD panels with crosstalk that has been reduced almost completely and allow for a solid black picture that maintains a broad gradation display, similar to plasma panels. The LCD panels also feature full moving picture resolution, which enhances moving picture reproducibility even in 2D display mode. The combination of reduced crosstalk and black reproducibility enables Panasonic to deliver LCD panels with clear, superior contrast, high-quality Full HD 3D pictures, almost comparable to PDPs.

At the Panasonic Convention in London, Panasonic is currently showcasing the 3D LED LCD series DT30 and DT35. Both series come in the modern Pure Line design while the DT35 series also features a picture frame pedestal. The 37-inch TX-L37DT30, the 32-inch TX-L32DT30, the 37’’ TX-L37DT35 and the 32’’ TX-L32DT35 use an IPS Alpha LED panel to provide a wide viewing angle with almost no picture degradation, improved motion response and 400Hz backlight scanning Intelligent Frame Creation Pro technology for crisp, cross-talk free 3D images. Other features include VIERA Connect, Wi-Fi ready; VIERA Image Viewer™; DLNA certification; 4 HDMI connections; 3 USB ports; a PC input and ISF ccc Setting Menu.

With the development of its new 3D IPS Alpha LCD panels that will now add mid-size models to the large-sized 3D PDPs to the Panasonic VIERA 3D TV line, Panasonic continues to lead the 3D TV market and meet the needs of customers all over the world.


More New Models with Many Innovative Features

Other exciting new LED LCD TVs from Panasonic that will be hitting the market in 2011 include the Panasonic D35, E30 and E3. The Panasonic D35 LED LCD series is available in both a 24-inch and a 19-inch version. In addition to its attractive Picture frame design, this series features an iPod dock, 2 x USB ports, HDD recording, VIERA Connect and other networking functions. Panasonic’s new E30 LED LCD product line includes 42, 37 and 32-inch screen sizes and offers many popular features like 200blb Intelligent Frame Creation Pro for advanced motion reproduction, VIERA Connect and other networking functions. The Panasonic E3 LED LCD TVS, on the other hand, include 5 different screen sizes: 42, 37, 32, 24 and 19-inch. All come with V-Audio Surround sound technology. The G30 NeoPlasma range includes 50, 46 and 42-inch screen sizes that offer many key features like 600Hz IFC Pro, THX Certified Display, Infinite Black Panel and various networking functions including VIERA Connect and HDD recording.

Panasonic’s company-wide commitment to sustainability and producing products that are ecologically sound is documented in the enhanced life span of its Plasma HDTVs and the absence of lead or mercury in its panels. Improved power efficiency has also been addressed with new and improved phosphor mixtures and more efficient electronics, among other technological advances.


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