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Press release: Panasonic announces 2012 LED LCD line-up for Europe

Press release. Hamburg 20. february 2012

Panasonic’s expanded LED LCD line-up demonstrates outstanding picture quality, impressive networking capabilities, easy operation, stylish design and eco-friendly features.

(Hamburg 20 February 2012). Panasonic today announces the 2012 line-up of Smart VIERA LED LCD TVs, including its largest ever LED screens. The new range boasts larger screen sizes – including 47 inch and 55 inch LED-based TVs; 20 models incorporating LED technology; and the introduction of passive 3D technology with the ET5 series.

The 2012 Smart VIERA LED LCD line-up benefits from the addition of IPS (In Plane Switching) LED panel  technology, delivering an outstanding 178° viewing angle with almost no picture degradation in contrast and colour, as well as high frame rate panels with backlight scanning – up to 1600Hz – for crystal clear results during fast action scenes.  The IPS panel also reduces after images and smearing for a smoother, crisper picture and helps to achieve higher contrast ratio and faster response time.

VIERA Connect, Smart VIERA’s cloud-based connected TV platform providing easy access to a growing number of online applications and services, is integrated into the top five new series. On those models you can also access social networking sites while simultaneously watching TV, and utilise the VIERA Remote App giving you a true multiscreen experience via your smartphone or tablet – ‘swiping’ content seamlessly between your mobile display and the TV. With the VIERA Remote App PRO available in the flagship WT50 series, you can ‘pull’ media content from the TV to your tablet or smartphone, and continue watching the content on your mobile device.

The line-up also boasts a host of energy saving features and functions to help reduce the TVs impact on the environment, and the highly efficient LED LCD panels can reduce power consumption by up to 25 percent compared to Panasonic’s 2011 models. All models from E5 onwards have “A+” class certification recognising the energy efficiency of these TVs.



Series by series breakdown

WT50 Series

The flagship Smart VIERA WT50 LED series marks the debut of two new larger screen sizes, the 47 inch TX-L47WT50, and 55 inch TX-L55WT50, in addition to the 42 inch TX-L42WT50. All WT50 HDTVs feature:

  • 3D IPS LED panel; 1600Hz Backlight Scanning for higher moving picture resolution during fast action scenes, and a smooth, crisp image; FullHD resolution; Infinite Contrast; Dual Core Pro4 Processor; VIERA Connect with built-in WiFi and browser; a new clear panel pro and Super Narrow Metal Frame with a crescent stand; 2D to 3D conversion; Social Networking TV function to allow users to access social network sites while simultaneously watching TV; Multitasking feature to switch between Apps; V-Audio Pro Surround 2.1 with 8 Train Speakers, providing immersive sound experience; Media Player, allows one to view digital images and HD video recorded from Memory Card or USB; DLNA; VIERA Touch Pad Controller; USB/SD recording; four HDMI terminals, three USB ports and Bluetooth


DT50 Series

Continuing Panasonic’s move to larger LED screen sizes, the DT50 series includes three models: the 42 inch TX-L42DT50; the 47 inch TX-L47DT50; and the 55 inch TX-L55DT50. These models feature:

  • 3D IPS LED panel; 1600Hz Backlight Scanning for higher picture resolution during fast action scenes for smoother, crisper results; Clear Panel Pro; Brilliant Contrast; VIERA Connect with built-in WiFi and browser; a new Narrow Metal Frame; FullHD resolution; 2D to 3D conversion; Social Networking TV function; V-Audio Pro Surround 2.1; Media Player; DLNA; USB HDD Recording, four HDMI terminals; and three USB ports


ET50 Series

Available in two screen sizes – the 42 inch TX-L42ET50 and 47 inch TX-L47ET50, – the ET50 series features a slim design and outstanding picture quality:

  • 3D IPS LED panel; 800Hz backlight scanning for higher moving picture resolution during fast action scenes and a Clear Panel with Brilliant Contrast for crisp images; FullHD resolution; VIERA Connect with built-in WiFi and Web browser; Social Networking TV function; DLNA; USB HDD Recording; a PC input; four HDMI terminals and three USB ports


ET5 Series

The five models in ET5 series – the 32 inch TX-L32ET5; 37 inch TX-L37ET5; 42 inch TX-L42ET5; 47 inch TX-L47ET5; and 55 inch TX-L55ET5 – feature 3D IPS LED panels and each comes with four pairs of passive 3D glasses. The models also include:

  • IPS LED panel and 300Hz backlight scanning for higher picture resolution during fast action scenes, for smoother, crisper results; Clear Panel; Brilliant Contrast; VIERA Connect with built-in WiFi and browser; 2D to 3D conversion; Social Networking TV function Media Player; DLNA; four HDMI and three USB terminals; and a PC input


E5 Series

The four LED HDTVs in the E5 series –  the 32 inch TX-L32E5, 37 inch TX-L37E5; 42 inch TX-L42E5 inches; and 47 inch TX L47E5 – include:

  • IPS LED panel; FullHD resolution; 150Hz* backlight scanning for higher moving picture resolution; Clear Panel; Brilliant Contrast*; VIERA Connect; DLNA; four HDMI terminals; two USB ports and a PC input; Wi-Fi ready
    * 32inch model: 100Hz Backlight Blinking, High Contrast


X5 Series

Featuring three models:

  • 32 inch TX-L32X5: An HD ready IPS LED panel with High Contrast; Media Player; three HDMI terminals; one USB port and a PC input
  • 24 inch TX-L24X5: Full HD LED model featuring an anti-reflective panel, two HDMI terminals; one USB, a PC input and game mode
  • 19 inch TX-L19X5:  HD ready LED panel with High contrast; Media Player, two HDMI terminals and one USB input

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