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Press release: Panasonics 2012 Blu-ray players for Europe


Press release. Hamburg 20. february 2012


(Hamburg 20 February 2012): Panasonic today launches five new FULL HD 3D Blu-ray Disc? players  – the DMP-BBT01, DMP-BDT500, DMP-BDT320, DMP-BDT220, DMP-BDT120,  and a 2D Blu-ray Disc? player – the DMP-BD77. The DMP-BDT500 is the range’s flagship model and delivers outstanding picture and sound quality along with an ultra-slim, super-compact design. The DMP-BBT01 boasts a stylish, compact design and can be set up either vertically or horizontally to fit perfectly in any room.  The slim-line DMP-BDT320 also has an impressive range of features, which were recognised by the Best of CES Innovations Awards 2012 .

VIERA Connect , Panasonic’s cloud-based connected TV platform, is available in the DMP-BBT01, DMP-BDT500, DMP-BDT320, DMP-BDT220 and DMP-BDT120. The platform offers an innovative and totally personalised home entertainment experience. It allows access to a wide range of applications including sports; video-on-demand; gaming and communication. VIERA Connect easily connects to Twitter, Facebook, You Tube and Skype  so users can share their home entertainment experiences with family and friends.

The new models also feature a number of other smart network features. The DLNA function makes it easy to share and enjoy digital photos, music, and videos over a home network. Users can access, browse and view media stored on a central server while in another room, without having to worry about shuffling discs. Thanks to a Wi-Fi system  being built into the DMP-BDT01, DMP-BDT500, DMP-BDT320 and DMP-BDT220 models, users can enjoy VIERA Connect and BD-Live? content without having to connect the player with a LAN cable or wireless LAN adapter.

For simple, intuitive operation, the Blu-ray Disc? players are compatible with Smartphone Remote Control  (DMP-BBT01, DMP-BDT500, DMP-BDT320, DMP-BDT220 and DMP-BDT120). This enables users to operate the Blu-ray Disc? players by simply tapping and swiping on a compatible Smartphone. Characters can be entered using the Smartphone’s key pad, allowing you to search for additional entertainment and movie information. The DMP- BBT01, DMP-BDT500, and DMP-BDT320 include a touch pad remote control by simply swiping a fingertip across it.

The DMP-BDT320 also features a Smart Eco Sensor that minimises power consumption.  It automatically switches to Quick Start mode when the sensor detects a person enabling quick playback with less power consumption. When you finish watching and leave the room, the Eco Sensor automatically detects this and switches to standby mode, reducing power usage to just 0.1W.

The DMP-BDT500, the premium model in the range, boasts optimum sound quality thanks to its high-grade audio parts and twin HDMI outputs. High-precision analogue audio processing is provided by four independent 192kHz/32bit audio DACs for 7.1-channel sound, while highly durable corrosion-resistant gold plated terminals help to maintain the high sound quality. High-grade capacitors substantially reduce sound distortion and produce clear, high frequency, and rich bass sounds; and insulators suppress housing vibration, greatly reducing noise interference and help to achieve the purest sound reproduction. Twin HDMI for digital audio processing can create an ideal acoustic environment for the audio receiver. Additional output can be dedicated for audio output while less interference from the video signal creates an ideal environment for the audio receiver to achieve pure, high quality sound.


KEY FEATURES: Smart Network 3D Blu-ray DiscTM Player DMP-BBT01:

1. Explore Online Entertainment – VIERA Connect
2. Smart Home Networking – DLNA
3. Slot-in Drive

Main Features:

[High Quality Picture and Sound]
o FULL HD 3D Blu-ray Disc? Playback
o Adaptive Chroma Processing
o 2D-3D Conversion for VIERA Connect
o High Clarity Sound Plus
o Digital Tube Sound
o Pure Audio on HDMI
o FLAC Compatibility

o VIERA Connect
o DLNA (DMP/DMR) Function
o Network Drive Access
o External HDD Playback

[Ease of use]
o Wi-Fi Built-in
o Smartphone Remote Control
o Touch Pad Remote Control
o Stylish GUI
o Multi-User Mode
o Wallpaper
o VIERA Link
o Fast Booting & Loading

[Design & Eco-friendly features]
o Layout Free Design
o Slot-in Drive
o Low Power Consumption


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