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De fem store støtter europæisk UHD logo


Alle de fem “gamle” tv-fabrikanter støtter nu op om det europæiske logo for 4K UHD TV.

UHD-logoet fra foreningen Digital Europe, har nu fuld støtte fra det fem store “gamle” tv-fabrikanter.

Det er LG, Panasonic, Philips, Samsung og Sony der nu officielt har adopteret logoet (ovenfor) og tager det i brug.

Så når du møder dette logo på 4K UHD grej i fremtiden, ved du at det opfylder nogle minimumskrav.

Et af kravene er at displayet skal være 3840 x 2160 pixels i 16:9 format, det der også kan benævnes 2160p.

Der skal være en indgang med HDMI 2.0 og HDCP 2.2, og lyden skal som minimum kunne præsenteres i stereo.

De enkelte krav kan ses i info-boksen herunder.

Amerikanerne har senere lanceret deres eget UHD logo. Se det her.



Requirements for the “DIGITALEUROPE UHD Display” logo

A display device has to cover the following requirements to be awarded the

1. Display and display engine

  • The minimum native resolution of the display (e.g. LCD, PDP, OLED) or display engine (e.g. DLP) is 3840 x 2160 in 16:9 aspect ratio
  • The minimum supported colorimetry shall be according to BT.709
  • The display-device shall have at least one end-to-end signal path available to the user that does not render a UHD Input at a frame rate OR RESOLUTION lower than that received over the UHD Interface from the source.
  • The display-device shall have at least one end-to-end signal path available to the user that does not reduce the resolution NOR SHALL IT REDUCE THE FRAME RATE of a UHD Input during processing prior to display.

    Note #1 Clarification for the avoidance of doubt: This requirement is carefully worded such that it allows for well-known display practices such as quarter screen video display as part of an EPG, where clearly a reduction of resolution will be necessary, but that in normal full screen television viewing mode the device has a user option to at least maintain the resolution and frame rate at each and every stage of its internal processing, from input to rendering. For example, a device which only has the possibility to downscale the resolution to HD resolution after input and later up scales it again to UHD resolution for rendering does not comply with UHD Display logo requirements.

2. Video Interfaces

  • The display device accepts UHD input via HDMI. It shall support HDCP 2.2 Copy Protection.
  • UHD capable inputs accept UHD video signals:
    – with a resolution of 3840 x 2160 pixels
    – at frame rates 24p / 25p / 30p / 50p / 60p
    – with a minimum supported bit depth of 8 Bit
    – at a chroma sub-sampling rate of 4:2:0 for 50p/60p
    and 4:2:2 for 24p/25p/30p
    – with minimum supported colorimetry according to BT.709

3. Audio

  • A device that renders audio shall be able to accept and present at minimum a PCM 2.0 stereo signal, delivered at the HDMI connector together with the UHD video signal.

Kilde: Digital Europe