Forside IFA IFA 2016

Samsung TV har fået det europæiske UHD-stempel



Nu lever Samsung TV op til begge mærkningsordninger indenfor 4K UHD TV, både den europæiske og den amerikanske.

Samsungs 2016-modeller Ultra HD TV har fået stemplet fra Digital Europe, der står for den ene af to mærkningsordninger for UHD TV.

Digital Europes Ultra High Definition TV certificering giver ret til at bruge dette mærke:

Digital Europe UHD Ultra HD

Det er Samsungs 2016-modeller UHD TV der nu er certificeret til mærket, gående nede fra deres 6-serie TV op til deres 9-serie SUHD TV.

Samsungs TV er nu certificeret til begge mærkningsordninger indenfor UHD TV. Den anden er fra den amerikanske  Consumer Technology Association (CTA) og ser sådan ud:

 Consumer Technology Association (CTA) UHD Ultra HD logo

Samsung vil udstille begge certificeringer på IFA-udstillingen.



Digital Europe UHD certification

Digital Europe (DE), a collaborative body of European IT and consumer electronics businesses. Comprised of 62 corporate members and 37 National Trade Associations, Digital Europe is one of the most influential organizations representing the digital technology industry in Europe.

For its certification, DE has specifically defined a ‘Pixel’ as the minimum picture resolution element, capable of rendering the same luminance scale as the entire display. The horizontal and vertical pixel count must be of the complete red, green and blue triple sub-pixel block, while not counting additional non-RGB sub-pixels.

Additional criteria to earn the DE certification include:

Minimum native resolution of the display (e.g. LCD, PDP, OLED) or display engine (e.g. DLP) is 3840 x 2160 in 16:9 aspect ratio
Minimum supported colorimetric is at BT.709 or above
The display-device has at least one end-to-end signal path available to the user that does not render a UHD input at a frame rate or resolution lower than that received over the UHD interface from the source

The display-device has at least one end-to-end signal path available to the user that does not reduce the resolution, nor reduce the frame rate of a UHD input during processing prior to display.