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Yumi, din egen “R2D2” Android med Alexa



Omate Yumi er verdens første familie-robot, baseret på Android og med Amazon Alexa.

Her er Yumi. Din personlige miniudgave af en “R2D2”-robot til hjemmet, med Android ombord og AI (intelligens) fra Amazon Alexa.

Med Omate Yumi bevæger IoT (Internet of Things) sig for første gang ind i robotverdenen.

Eller rettere gør til næste år, for Yumi skal lige produceres først og lige nu søger selskabet bag kapital via crowdfunding-portalen Indigogo.

De hurtige kan erhverve en for $349 (~2.400 kroner) hvor den forventede udsalgspris bliver $599 (~4.100 kroner).

Der åbnes for salg om 2 uger, med forventet levering af de første i marts 2017. Almindelig tilgængelighed i butikkerne ventes om et år fra nu.

Tjek Indigogo fra d. 15/11 og skriv dig på “ventelisten” her.






Omate Yumi

Smart Assistant:

Interact in a hands-free way, simply using your voice.
Ask Yumi what you want to know: weather forecast, news report, traffic info, etc…
Enjoy Music and Entertainment by asking Yumi to play a song or a playlist directly from your favorite cloud services: Spotify / Pandora / TuneIn / Amazon Music…
Connect Yumi to your smart home networking systems
Securely check your home activity with the front camera of Yumi via the remote control app
And much more with over 3,000 Amazon Alexa skills apps

The Real “Droid” Deal:
Make video calls via your favorite VoIP apps
Connect Yumi to your TV via HDMI
Browse the web, check emails
Play games
And much more with over 2 million available apps in the Google Play Store

1. Artificial Intelligence
Ask anything you want to Yumi all of this is done by speaking with Yumi.
Interact with Yumi and Amazon’s Alexa Voice Service (AVS) just like you do with your Amazon Echo.

2. Powerful Wireless Speakers
Best-in-class stereo sound system for music lovers, Yumi delivers crystal clear sound – Audio Certified by Arkamys – and fits anywhere offering the most vibrant sound ever heard from a stereo mobile wireless speaker. Yumi automatically detects the sound source location thanks to its five embedded microphones so Yumi will look at you when you ask him a question.

3. Video Call / Remote Camera Surveillance
Run any VoIP Android apps for Family video calls such as Skype / Google Duo / Viber and many others. Yumi can also act as a video camera surveillance CCTV via its embedded high quality UltraPixel front camera; and yes! Yumi can move via its embedded rotor engines and through the companion monitoring app so you can remotely check your home wherever you are directly from your smartphone.

4. Smart Home Connectivity
Connect the most popular smart home networking systems via their Alexa skills. Connect Yumi to your TV either via Cast or HDMI and browse Internet from the front HD touch color display; play online videos and download apps and games from 3rd party application stores.

5. Full Android / Developer Friendly
Offer full Android ecosystem to developers to create and test their own applications.
Port any Artificial Intelligence on top of Yumi; customize and test your own Android Apps and Amazon Alexa Skills.