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Endelig: Nu kommer der en stor NEEO opdatering

NEEO og Brain fjernbetjening og hub

Så er der godt nyt til ejere af NEEO multi-fjernbetjeningen. Efter at have ventet nogle måneder er der den nye store firmwareopdatering klar. Den kommer senere i dag.

I et blog-oplæg på Planet Neeo fortæller Raphael Oberholzer, der er stifter og direktør fro Neeo, at de endeligt er klar med en stor opdatering, der bl.a. løser mange af de problemer folk har haft med bl.a. Sonos.

Versionen hedder 0.48.31, og er klar på din Neeo app.


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Neeo fjernbetjening.

Forbedret HDMI-CEC

En anden stor ting er at Neeo har opdateret, er deres HDMI-CEC support som bl.a. bruges til at kontrollere Sony PS4 og FireTV.

Neeo har lavet et indlæg der fortæller mere detaljeret om hvad opdateringen indeholder.

Opdateringen gør også, at vi endeligt kan lave vores 3. del af vores test af Neeo fjernbetjeningen.


I’m thrilled to share today’s news with you. Within the next hours, we will be releasing the biggest software update yet!

This release has been shaped by the community here on Planet NEEO, in fact, many of the new features and improvements – including the most central change – in this release is based on your feedback. Raphael went ahead and wrote about the main changes in separate blog posts, make sure to check these out:

There is way more than that though. Here some of the additional highlights:

  • Another load of features and fixes for Sonos is included, lists can now be of unlimited size, Spotify works again for those who had issues after the Sonos 8.3 update and Instant Favorites can now be set manually in the NEEO App.
  • An endless number of UI changes like redesigned pop-ups, a new power menu as well as update notifications on the NEEO Remote have been implemented.
  • HDMI CEC has not only been heavily improved, we also added new devices like the already mentioned FireTV, the Sony PS3 Slim and Super Slim as well as the Google Chromecast.
  • Huge low-level changes for a generally improved user experiencing like for example new RAM management on the NEEO Remote.

Below are the full release notes for the ones of you which want to know even more. Also check out the Known Issues for this release.

How to update your NEEO

Once the update is available it will show in your NEEO App on the top right with a red dot and an exclamation mark. You just need to follow the steps in the NEEO App and then on the NEEO Remote. We have prepared a little guide.

Be aware that it may take a few hours until your NEEO Brain shows the update, not all of them download the update at the same time, so give it some time. Little hint from me: Rebooting the NEEO Brain can speed up the download process 😉


Release Notes

Release Version NEEO Brain: 0.48.31

Release Version NEEO Remote: 0.48.31


NEEO Brain

  • Updated CEC Driver, fixes known issues with HDMI CEC
  • Fixed WiFi connections for WiFi with UTF8 characters in SSID
  • Fixed SSID encoding when sending WiFi SSID to NEEO Remote
  • Improved WiFi reconnecting
  • Added support for Google Chromecast via HDMI-CEC
  • Added PS3 Slim and PS3 Superslim control via CEC (original PS3 lacks CEC hardware support)
  • Added FireTV HDMI CEC Driver
  • Improved LIFX discovery, added hint about minimum needed firmware version
  • Fixed scan and connect to WiFi SSID’s containing Emoji’s
  • Single tracks can now be played from Sonos Track Library
  • Fixed rare case where Sonos is in a strange state
  • Instant Favorites can now be chosen by the user manually
  • Inputs get split into different slides if there are more than 12 inputs available, fixes invalid AVR view
  • Added allowed min and max range notice when using slider as trigger or condition in recipes
  • Disables the “next” button if entered slider value is not valid in recipe
  • Enabled recipe info again for all cases
  • Improved firmware update progress
  • Made firmware update timeout screen more user-friendly and actionable
  • Prevent Android “back” during firmware update leading to broken screens
  • Added grouping for sensors in recipe conditions and triggers by room and using device name in front of sensor label
  • Now show playing item in SONOS queue
  • Updated Z-Wave database
  • Improved cloud discovery handling
  • Fixed  firmware change listener memory leak
  • Added first steps fir Sonos Group support
  • Added auto update for devices with outdated data before running device smartener
  • Added skip of smartener for devices without HDMI connections
  • Fixed device smartener redirect bugs when it should have been stopped (back/skipped pressed)
  • Now allow going back to device list from device lookup screen
  • Fixed shutdown issue in CEC Driver
  • Adjusted logs for offline Hue Lamps
  • I2C error handling changes
  • Only start CEC connection once, if it fails all CEC functions will be ignored until next Brain reboot
  • Z-Wave – Fixed bug where the inclusion/exclusion timeout might not have been set correctly
  • Fire TV – Change ENTER key so it works with older releases than Fire OS
  • Fire TV – Added command “CEC ACTIVATE” to explicit power on the EU Amazon Fire TV
  • Fixed initial Hue state was never defined
  • CEC Workaround for Hot-Plug Detect (HPD) Issue
  • Show device fixing option for smartened devices
  • Improved generation speed of XML data for NEEO Remote and slow sensor handling
  • Fixed Spotify playing for Sonos 8.3
  • Fixed “Multiple Spotify Accounts” problem on Sonos
  • Fixed App button presses on ‘Shuffle’ and ‘Clear queue’ buttons in Sonos Queue
  • Fixed Sonos ‘Shuffle All’ in Playlists
  • Added Fire TV MENU long press triggers MENU HOME


NEEO Remote:

  • Reduced “Project Reload” messages on the NEEO Remote
  • Improved memory management, increased image cache size by 200%, remote should not run out of memory any longer
  • Added Sonos list pagination
  • Fixed wireless scan when SSID contains UTF8 characters
  • Added “swipe left” to go back on List View in Sonos
  • Images now start loading as soon as list is loaded
  • Now showing when a firmware update is available on the NEEO Remote (will shop the first time with the next release)
  • Added missing Projector icon
  • Fixed label display of switches and sliders shortcuts
  • Popup UI optimization and button optimization
  • New power off screen
  • Improved sliders speeds
  • Improved Sonos error handling when loading lists fails
  • Adjusted list scrolling acceleration and damping
  • Improved update messages
  • Fixed display of Sonos Playlists Metadata
  • Improved gesture handling to only read one gesture until touch is released
  • Added software watchdog to detect keypad crashes – reboots in that case
  • Improved Wifi disconnects handling
  • Implemented stability improvements
  • Added new blocking popup with reboot option if assets fail to load
  • Added Fire TV discovery header and description text



  • Fixed wiring reset not available for SDK devices
  • Now supports “Always On” devices
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