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Netflix hæver lydkvaliteten til high-quality audio


Netflix streamer nu lyd i en højere kvalitet, både Dolby Digital og Atmos.

Netflix har fra i dag hævet lydkvaliten på streamingtjenesten.

Højest mulige kvalitet på 5.1 lyd (Dolby Digital) er løftet fra 192 kbps op til hele 640 kbps, mens Dolby Atmos er løftet fra 448 kbps op til 768 kbps.


Netflix forklarer at ofte kan detaljerne i lydbilledet gå ubemærket hen, men det kan have en stor indvirkning på atmosfæren i en scene og fundamentalt ændre hvordan den opleves.

“Often the subtlety of sound may go unnoticed, but it can have a profound impact on the atmosphere of a scene and fundamentally change how a viewer responds to it. The magical combination of sight and sound brings viewers closer to the story, and that’s why we support creative technologies and features like 4K, HDR, Dolby Atmos® and Netflix Calibrated Mode”, fortæller Netflix.

Netflix kalder det ‘high-quality audio’. Den forbedrede 5.1 lyd er tilgængelig for almindelige abonnementer mens Dolby Atmos kræver det dyrere Premium-abonnement – det der også giver adgang til streaming i 4K-kvalitet.

Audio-streamingen er adaptiv dvs. kvaliteten tilpasser sig den tilgængelige internethastighed.


PR video


Netflix: The Backstory

In late 2017, we were reviewing Stranger Things 2 with the Duffer brothers in a living room environment so they could understand how viewers would experience it.

At one point in the first episode, there was a car chase scene that didn’t sound as crisp as it did on the mixing stage.

We immediately got our sound expert involved, spun up the engineering teams and were determined to make it right, no matter how much effort it was going to take.

Fortunately, we were able to address the problem for Stranger Things 2 by delivering a higher bitrate for the audio, and since then have been working diligently to roll out improved audio more broadly.

It was a great example of the Netflix culture at work and doing what was needed to support our creative partners. To hear the story from our employees’ perspectives, see here:

Uniquely combining creative technology with engineering teams at Netflix, we’ve been able to not only solve a problem, but use that problem to improve the quality of audio for millions of our members worldwide.

Læs mere om Netflix high quality audio her.


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