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Panasonic 2011: New compact dock systems

Original press release

Panasonic Introduces Five New Compact Stereo Systems.

London, UK (February 15, 2011) – Panasonic today announced the introduction of five compact stereo system models to Europe. The 2011 models appear with a slimmer and flatter design than last year’s models. The stainless speaker mesh in the SC-HC35/HC05 and a luxurious mirror coating mesh in SC- HC55 allow the speaker units to be partially visible while boosting the sound quality ambience. The SC-HC55 features a Touch-Free Sensor Door, a motion sensor enabling the sliding door to open and close by simply passing a hand over it. The universal dock for iPod/iPhone built into the centre of the SC-HC05 opens outward with the push-open button, while remaining neatly concealed inside, when not in use.

The universal docks for iPod/iPhone in all models employ a digital music connection, which eliminates sound degradation and reproduces a sound highly that is faithful to the original. A Pure Direct Sound System in the SC-HC55/HC05 is equipped with a digital signal processing (DSP) to reduce the distortion commonly generated by the scattered reflection of sounds from the body surface. As a result, the accumulated high quality sound technology produces pure and clear sound.

A variety of handy functions expands the enjoyment of using the iPod/iPhone. The Bluetooth* wireless transmission technology in the SC-HC55/05 allows for a more convenient connection with iPod touch, iPhone, and iPad. The Bluetooth Re-master* which compensates audio signals enables to produce higher-quality sound with fingertip operation. By installing the vTuner (a Panasonic* application) to an iPod touch or iPhone, your favourite Internet radio station can be enjoyed with the SC-HC55/05’s superb sound quality. The GUI can also be operated using the HC’s remote control while it’s docked. The Panasonic compact stereo systems will provide more comfort and enjoyment of CD or iPod/iPhone music with developed sound technology and features.



Some of the main features of the five compact stereo systems include:

1. Slim Flat Design

(SC-HC55, SC-HC35, SC-HC25, SC-HC15, SC-HC05)

The slim body of the compact stereo system makes the compact stereo systems ideal for setting up in the room. The SC-HC55 and SC-HC 35 have only 69mm depth (without stand). The SC-HC25 and SC-HC15 are also with 69mm (at its thinnest part). The SC-HC05 is achieved 59mm without stand.


2. Touch-Free Sensor Door


A motion sensor is provided on the top of the unit. The sliding door can be opened or closed by simply passing a hand over the sensor. This is very useful when hands are full or when the user is in a dark room and can’t see the buttons clearly.


3. Wall-Mountable Design

(SC-HC55, SC-HC35)

The wall-mountable design lets the user place the audio system virtually anywhere, to stylishly match the room interior.


4. High-Quality Sound Advanced Bamboo Cone

(SC-HC55, SC-HC35, SC-HC05)

With the original bamboo cone speakers the sound becomes more responsive. Vocals are clear, and dialog is crisp and easy to understand.


5. Dual Passive Radiator

(SC-HC55, SC-HC35, SC-HC05)

Thin passive radiators positioned at the front and back of the speaker cancel out vibrations inside the speaker thus suppressing unwanted vibrations and delivering robust bass sound.


6. Pure Direct Sound System

(SC-HC55, SC-HC05)

The distortion that is commonly generated by the scattered reflection of sounds from the body surface is dramatically reduced by digital signal processing (DSP) to reproduce highly pure sounds.


7. Digital Music Connection for iPod/iPhone

(SC-HC55, SC-HC35, SC-HC25, SC-HC05)

Digital Music Connection of an iPod or iPhone also allows the compact stereo system to process music signals in their original digital form. This eliminates sound degradation caused by digital/analogue conversion, so users can enjoy their favourite iPod tunes with pure sound that is highly faithful to the original.


8. Easy iPod/iPhone Use: Wireless Music Streaming

(SC-HC55, SC-HC05)

Bluetooth wireless technology provides greater convenience for wireless connection with iPod touch/iPhone/iPad and compatible mobile phones held in the hand to play music files without docking.


9. Bluetooth Re-master

(SC-HC55, SC-HC05)

Audio signals that are lost during Bluetooth wireless transmission are compensated, to produce high-quality music from an iPhone or iPod touch with fingertip operation.


10. Internet Radio Control

(SC-HC55, SC-HC05)

Internet radio can be enjoyed with SC-HC55/05 by simply installing vTuner for Panasonic* application onto an iPhone or iPod touch. The application is very easy to use and convenient, because the user’s favourite radio stations can be chosen with the HC Series remote control while it is docked.

* vTuner for Panasonic must be purchased from the App Store (iTunes Store).


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