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Press release: Worlds first UHD TV with HDMI 2.0

Press release

Panasonic unveils the world’s first1 Ultra HD TV with 4K 50/60 Hz input based on HDMI 2.0

The first 4K Ultra HD TV in the world with a 4K 50/60p Input designed based on HDMI 2.0 and DisplayPort?1.2a specification, offering outstanding picture quality and a wide range of other Smart VIERA innovations

Berlin, Germany, 4th September 2013 ? Panasonic today introduces the Smart VIERA TX-L65WT600, the world?s first Ultra HD TV with a 4K 50/60 Hz input based on HDMI 2.0 and DisplayPort 1.2a. Offering up to 60 frames per second 4K playback, the WT600 is the ultimate choice for consumers looking to access the next level in home entertainment, as well as professionals ? such as those working in small TV studios ? for whom picture quality is imperative.

With its THX? 4K certification, the 165cm (65 inch) WT600 is perfectly tailored for home cinema enthusiasts. Boasting 2,000 Hz Back Light Scanning (BLS) technology, our panel provides incredibly high motion sharpness, even in fast action scenes. The TV also sports a minimalist Glass and Metal design, with a thin frame that focuses attention on the stunning 4K images within: Even when not in use, the WT600 presents an elegant and stylish addition to the living room.


4K content at your fingertips

The WT600 offers access to a wide range of 4K content to make the most of its screen innovations, allowing users to dramatically expand their 4K experience with not only video content, but also groundbreaking games, internet content, and their photos, all in equally unbeatable 4K quality.

The next generation 4K 50/60p Input designed based on HDMI 2.0 and DisplayPort?1.2a specification, future-proofs the TV and assures it will work with future compatible 4K-players, set-top boxes and next-generation gaming consoles.

PC gaming enthusiasts can easily connect their PC to the WT600 via the 60p-capable DisplayPort, allowing them to enjoy the latest blockbuster games in incredible detail and with extremely high motion clarity.

The WT600?s built-in HTML5 web browser can also show any internet page in perfect 4K quality. For example, internet map services are taken to a whole new level, as the amount of map detail displayed is quadrupled compared to Full HD TV screens.

As an industry first, the WT600 has a built-in 4K H.264 (MPEG4) decoder, which not only enables the playback of 4K video files via USB and SD card, but ? even more importantly ? it enables the playback of 4K content directly from the internet. Photo enthusiasts can access their photography either via an SD card with the 4K Photo Viewer SD, or use 4K Swipe & Share to wirelessly transfer photos from their mobile phone or tablet in Ultra HD resolution.

1As of September 4, 2013.

Superior 4K image quality

To ensure the best 4K home cinema viewing experience, the WT600?s THX4K?-certified display demonstrates its ability to reproduce the colours, tones and resolution intended by the Hollywood directors.

With 4K Intelligent Frame Creation, the WT600 achieves smooth panning of up to 120 frames per second, even with Ultra HD sources, setting it apart from many competitors’ models without equivalent frame rate conversion. Panasonic?s 4K Ultra HD TV also analyses complex scenes – with movement from a variety of directions – and optimizes each object independently. The Infinite Contrast technology achieves virtually infinite contrast ratio, underlining the WT600?s stunning picture quality.

The Local Dimming Pro circuit and the unique Gamma Area Control result in more details in dark or bright areas of the overall image. Meanwhile, the new 4K Hexa-Processing Engine maximises the image quality for content created with resolution lower than 4K. The circuit processing technology produces images with higher definition by interpolating the missing parts of the images and re-producing the non-existent data, bringing them to a level of quality that approaches 4K sources.

The WT600 is also isf? certified as well as compatible with CalMAN? calibration software, guaranteeing perfect colour neutrality. The ?Panasonic TV Remote 2? App also offers Smart Calibration, a powerful function which enables the viewer to set detailed correction curves for gamma, white point, and color saturation on the TV via their Android? – or iOS? smartphone or tablet.


Easy operation

Thanks to the intuitive user interface, the WT600 is designed to ensure your Smart TV experience is as easy as possible. The personalised my Home Screen feature enables every family member to easily access their TV favourites through their own personalised home screen.

Following the success of the Smart VIERA my Home Screen feature, Panasonic has now expanded my Home Screen features by developing new pre-set Home Screens. The pre-set Home Screens offer users quick and easy access to content from their favourite providers, including Eurosport, Maxdome, CANAL+ Group and YouTube. The my Home Screen download feature will be available on the 2013 Smart VIERA TV line up starting October 8, 2013. The feature will already be available on the WT600 when it arrives to the shops.

The WT600?s control and input options are further boosted with the innovative Voice Interaction feature, allowing users to control their TV by speaking into the microphone of the touch pad controller, or into a smartphone or tablet with the installed Panasonic TV Remote 2 App. This allows users to quickly access their internet content or browse their home network for their favourite song. In addition, the photo-sharing capabilities of Swipe & Share mean that users can share images in 4K-resolution on the WT600?s large screen with just a swipe of their finger.


Advanced networking and connectivity

The WT600?s integrated Twin HD tuners allow for far more convenient and flexible TV viewing experience, which will keep every member of the family happy. The feature allows users to watch a live programme whilst recording another, or to watch one programme while another family member watches a simultaneous broadcast transmitted to their tablet ? all without an external set-top box. This is especially useful if some of the family want to watch a movie while others don?t want to miss the live football.

As with all Smart VIERA TVs, the WT600 has built-in wireless LAN. Users can quickly and easily access multimedia content on their home network via DLNA? streaming, as well as the Apps for Smart VIERA platform with its continuously growing range of Smart TV applications including the popular social networking TV apps such as Facebook?, Twitter? and Skype?. With the WT600?s automatic pop-up camera, video calls can be made with just the click of a button.

The WT600?s built-in web browser also supports Flash? content. The quality of embedded videos and low resolution graphics can be significantly improved via the Web Content Optimiser Pro. For easy text and web address input, users can connect a keyboard to the WT600, using a USB adapter or wirelessly via Bluetooth®.


Eco friendly

All 2013 VIERA TVs achieve the strict energy efficiency Class A or better and even the most technically innovative 4K Ultra HD TV, the WT600, has achieved energy efficiency Class A.

A Smart VIERA TV and its connected devices consume power only when necessary. For example, the TV’s brightness automatically adjusts using the hidden built-in ambient light sensor and turns off inactive signal sources with the help of the HDMI control commands.



The Panasonic TX-L65WT600 will be available in stores starting from [not yet announced].

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