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OnePlus 5 og 5T får Netflix i HD, hvis de sendes ind til opdatering


OnePlus 5 og OnePlus 5T kan opgraderes til Netflix i HD, men kun hvis den sendes ind til opdatering hos OnePlus.

OnePlus 5 og OnePlus 5T er ikke i stand til at afspille Netflix i HD, men nu er OlePlus klar med et opdateringsprogram.

Desværre kræver det at telefonen skal undværes, for den skal sendes ind til OnePlus for at få opdateringen.

De forklarer denne procedure med at Widevine DRM, der beskytter Netflix-indholdet, kun kan opdates via en fysisk forbindelse til en godkendt PC.

Den gode nyhed er at OnePlus betaler forsendelsen. Så opdateringen er uden omkostninger – altså udover at telefonen må undværes.

Kunder der ønsker opgraderingen skal henvende sig til deres kundeservice.


OnePlus opdateringstilbud

“Hi everyone, if you were celebrating Chinese New Year, we hope you had a good holiday. And if you weren’t, we hope you enjoyed it anyway”.

“We have good news for you on this, we’ve just rolled out a program to update OnePlus 5 and OnePlus 5T handsets. Due to the security processes involved with updating the devices, we can only deliver the update via a physical connection from an authenticated PC. If you are interested in this update, please contact our CS team for more information”.

“We’re covering the courier costs for OnePlus 5 and OnePlus 5T customers who would like the update, as you will need to send your device to us to update. We have a process in place which means we’ll have your handset back to you in no more than five working days from when we receive it. We’ve worked hard to streamline this process as much as possible, and because of this we’re unable to cover the courier costs for customers outside of our service regions, which are North America, Europe, India, and China”.

“Edit: We understand this isn’t the most convenient approach, but due to the technical aspects of Widevine DRM the update must be applied via a physical connection to an authenticated PC”.

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